Windows operating system reinstall in Dublin

laptop repair services in DublinComputer works slowly, got attacked by viruses?
Computer does not startup properly?
Other problems?

Most problems relating to operating system could be solved in one service.
Windows operating system reinstall or upgrade + free backup and restore of your files, pictures.

Re-installation package:

  1. Backup of Your personal data, eg. pictures, movies, music, internet favourite sites.
  2. Hard disk drive checkup for health.
  3. Windows operating system reinstall.
  4. All nesesary drives install.
  5. Windows update.
  6. Most important programs. (Antivirus, Skype, movie player, DVD writer, utorrent, firefox and other useful programs.
  7. Hard disk drive de-fragmentation .
  8. Operating system tuneup (very important for computer performance).
  9. Screen colour calibration. Screen colours will look more natural after precisely measured with calibrating device. It will look even better than was bought new from shop.

Price: €50+